Minister: Dr. Jim Rigby
I have been pastor here at St. Andrew’s for over 25 years. I have a love of world religions and a passion for social justice. My hope for ministry is to help people discover the deeper aspects of their own lives, to share life together with other seekers, and then join together to be a catalyst for making our world happier and safer for the vulnerable ones of our world. Jim’s Curriculum Vitae

Associate Pastor:  Rev. Crystal Silva-McCormick
Crystal earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Lubbock Christian University. After college, she worked with children in the Texas foster care system: first, as a live-in home parent for boys in foster care, then as a case manager for teenage girls. She then attended Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, graduating in 2010. In 2011, Crystal began a doctoral program in Interfaith Studies at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, with special emphasis in Muslim-Christian relations.

Crystal has taught in the areas of World Religions at Elmhurst College and in the areas of Islam, and Women’s studies at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) in El Paso, Texas. She has worked with men and women of various religious traditions and diverse cultural groups in order to foster dialogue. Most recently, she worked with the UCC in advocating for immigration reform and with the El Paso Interfaith Alliance on issues of justice, peace, and care for creation. She studies and has presented on issues related to interfaith dialogue and to women’s issues in religion. Crystal is a scholar with the Hispanic Theological Initiative, (a program designed to nurture the work and presence of Latina/o scholars in the field of religion); additionally, Crystal will begin a term as a board member on the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions in January of 2015.

Currently, Crystal oversees St. Andrew’s Young Adults Ministry and Youth Program.

Ministerial Assistant: Rev. Ilene Dunn
The forever story of God’s boundless love embracing everybody and beckoning everybody to love one another: that’s the story which St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church endeavors to live mindfully and heartfully, in fresh, new, contemporary and exciting ways. I love the all-of-us-together-for-the-sake-of-all-people journey which this story has engendered in and among the members of St. Andrew’s. And so, though it is my job, it doesn’t feel like a job; it feels like pure joy, to extend the inclusive hospitality of this church to visitors and to welcome new members into the journey’s adventure. I hope you’ll come along on the journey with us!

Director of Children’s Ministries: Rev. Karen Gaudet
As an inclusive community, St. Andrew’s asks of every event and activity, “What will be the children’s experience?” “How will they participate?” My job is to help the community create rich and meaningful opportunities for the children. I am excited about teaching parents and caregivers how to offer their children an enduring and joyful faith. In times of crisis I have resources and information that will help your child confront the great mysteries of life and death with courage and confidence, and am eager to share those with you.

Church Administrator:  Rachael Davis
As Church Administrator, my job is to make sure the daily workings of St. Andrew’s run smoothly.  It is my privilege to assist the staff, committees and elders to ensure that the needs of the St. Andrew’s congregation are met.  As we grow it is my task to make sure we always strive to be more organized and have a clear flow of communication.

Administrative Assistant:  Kate Harper

As administrative assistant, Kate assists the Director of Children’s Ministry in preparing the classrooms and entering attendance.

donnaCongregational Nurse: Donna Rutherford, RN
God has called all of us to share our gifts in community and to care for each other. As a Faith Community Nurse, I am called to a ministry promoting the vision of healing and wholeness of mind, body and spirit. It is hard to be healthy if you are alone in our world. In community, we care for one another, become connected to one another and give back our gifts. As Congregational Nurse, I hear the voices of those who are in pain and are experiencing health challenges. I hear the voices of those who have suffered the loss of a loved one or the loss of hope and courage. As a congregational nurse, I am called to be present, to listen, to advocate, to teach, to give health counsel, to educate and to pray for those in need.


Accompanist: Marilyn Rucker Norrod
I’ve played piano and sung all of my life, but St. Andrews is truly a spiritual and creative home for me.  It’s wonderful working with the St. Andrew’s Music Director to create a diverse but inclusive group of hymns and worship pieces that incorporate elements of jazz, classical, pop and gospel.   The creative atmosphere of the church is infectious, and I love hearing from the many artistic folks in the congregation and the community who are inspired to create and share their work with us too.