Minister: Dr. Jim Rigby
I have been pastor here at St. Andrew’s for over 25 years. I have a love of world religions and a passion for social justice. My hope for ministry is to help people discover the deeper aspects of their own lives, to share life together with other seekers, and then join together to be a catalyst for making our world happier and safer for the vulnerable ones of our world.  Jim’s Curriculum Vitae



Minister of Spiritual Life:  Rev. Babs Miller
I have served as a volunteer in ministry for many years at St. Andrew’s. It is a church that recognized and validated my call to ministry long before the Presbyterian Church, USA finally made it possible for me to be ordained as an out lesbian minister. My ordination occurred in November, 2014 and I continue to serve as a volunteer minister at St. Andrew’s. I serve in many capacities including pastoral care, worship, education and welcoming new members.


Director of Education:  Daniel Williams
I am a lifelong Presbyterian, native New Mexican, former community organizer, and recent graduate of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. I view teaching and education as ways to give people of all ages and backgrounds access to the symbols and language of our religious tradition so that they can give voice to their own beliefs and experiences of the holy. Education, then, can become an act of worship, a site of justice, and a gift of spiritual formation.


Choir Director:  David Marks
As choir director at St. Andrew’s, I do my best to provide a welcoming place where anyone who enjoys singing can participate. We sing a wide variety of styles from Bach to rock, and from very simple to more difficult, complex pieces. I also lead congregational singing and help choose parts of the worship service. I love being part of a congregation that takes inclusive language seriously, and I enjoy updating our more traditional material so we can not only feel moved in our hearts, but can leave our minds intact, as well.


Church Administrator: Jorge Gutierrez
I’m originally Peruvian, but immigrated  to Miami, FL when I was a child. I am passionate about strengthening our communities through service, and have spent most of my professional life working alongside partners that share a commitment towards making life better. In my role as Church Administrator, I am responsible for the overall daily operations of St. Andrew’s, as well as ensuring that all of our programs are supported. As our reach in the community expands, I feel fortunate to support St. Andrew’s vision in cultivating social justice and establishing an inclusive climate.


donnaCongregational Nurse: Donna Rutherford, RN
God has called all of us to share our gifts in community and to care for each other. As a Faith Community Nurse, I am called to a ministry promoting the vision of healing and wholeness of mind, body and spirit. It is hard to be healthy if you are alone in our world. In community, we care for one another, become connected to one another and give back our gifts. As Congregational Nurse, I hear the voices of those who are in pain and are experiencing health challenges. I hear the voices of those who have suffered the loss of a loved one or the loss of hope and courage. As a congregational nurse, I am called to be present, to listen, to advocate, to teach, to give health counsel, to educate and to pray for those in need.


Accompanist: Marilyn Rucker Norrod
I’ve played piano and sung all of my life, but St. Andrews is truly a spiritual and creative home for me.  It’s wonderful working with the St. Andrew’s Music Director to create a diverse but inclusive group of hymns and worship pieces that incorporate elements of jazz, classical, pop and gospel.   The creative atmosphere of the church is infectious, and I love hearing from the many artistic folks in the congregation and the community who are inspired to create and share their work with us too.