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Our Congregational Nurse (Donna Rutherford, RN) provides a healing ministry that helps support and fulfill the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our congregation. She is a volunteer on staff, our nurse minister.

Health MinistryNotes from the Congregational Nurse

Congregational Health
August, 2015

A recent article in Johns Hopkins Health After 50 gave a list for preemptive planning for when you or someone you love is seriously ill.  Here is the list:


-     Do you have a will?

-     Do you have a living will:  What does the document say about CPR?

-     Who do you want to make medical decisions if you cant?  Have you discussed this with him or her?

-     Are there spiritual issues you need to settle?

-     Do you need to settle any family issues?

-     Are there financial issues you need to settle?

-     Have you met with hospice yet?  (Plan for at least 3 to 6 months before death, which for most diseases is predictable.  This really helps the transition if and when hospice is needed.)

-     Have you thought about where you would like to be for your death?

-     Lets start doing a life review – what do you want people to remember about you?  Whats important to you?  What do you want to accomplish in the time you have?

Planning for end of life should be a life long conversation that you have with family and friends.  Our culture prepares for many life changing events…births, graduations, marriage, retirement…..end of life planning should be part of this planning.  On going conversations and completing all of the necessary legal paperwork, makes everything easier as death approaches.  Ultimately we all want to honor choices that our loved ones make.  The best way to do that, is to start these conversations early and build on them as life changes.

In the lobby on Sunday August 2nd, Suze Miller will be available with all of the necessary info you need and to answer any questions you might have.  You can also sign up for time to fill out the paperwork and discuss questions further with either Babs or Suze Miller.


Peace and blessings,



Blessing is a way of acknowledging that the God who created us

goes on lavishing life upon us all our days.

 Joan Chittister

Services and Duties of the Congregational Nurse

Healthy Living

Donna serves our congregation as:

- a health and wellness educator
- a health and wellness counselor
- a community liaison and personal advocate
- a member of the Pastoral Care Team

All conversations and records are strictly confidential. All records are secure. No one else has access to the records of the congregational nurse.

Her duties include:

  • Meeting individually with clients in the home, church, or hospital to provide holistic care and support.
  • Advocating for clients in the health system.
  • Promoting health education.
  • Providing health screening and monitoring, as with our First Sunday Blood Pressure Screenings.
  • Assessing the needs of the congregation and establishing programs to meet these needs.
  • Assisting in locating resources for the community.

The Congregational Nurse does not give direct hands-on treatment but helps to empower and enable clients in their healing journey.

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