What’s New?

The Library committee will be having a book sale Saturday, November 16, from 10:00AM to 1:00PM.  The purpose of the sale is to raise money for upcoming library programs such as e-books and electronic media. Your help is needed for this sale to be a success. If books are on your shelf that you don’t have room for but you think that others might enjoy, or that could be used for holiday gifts, bring them to the library starting November 1. Questions?  Contact any member of the committee—Art Rutherford, Linda Rowold, Krista Keosheyan, Bruce Denham, or Ginny Stricker.

St. A’s Library: Check It Out!


There’s a lot to learn from the St. Andrew’s library! In fact, there’s a good chance that hard-to-find title you’re looking for is there. And you can find out what’s there right from your computer in our online library catalog at LibraryThing.

Using the Online Catalog

It’s really pretty easy. Just go to the online library catalog. Then use any of these options to search for the books you need:

  • keywords (called “tags”)
  • title
  • author
  • subject
  • publication date
  • Dewey decimal number

We plan to make our online catalog even more useful by adding reviews and comments to each entry. If you would like to help, contact the webmaster.

A new addition to the library is an extensive collection of social justice titles from Jim Taylor.


New Children’s Selections

Our bookstore (now closed) gave a number of children’s titles to our library. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to share the marvelous works selected by our Bookstore Committee. These books represent St. Andrew’s theology and offer beautiful words and illustrations for our children. Please drop by the library and check them out soon!

Finding the Library – From the church foyer, go down the hallway between the church office and the team bulletin boards. At the end of that hall, the library is across the next hall and to your left.  Above the bookshelves are helpful markers identifying groups of books:

0–1000 — Adult Titles

+ — Children’s Books
Y — Youth
B — Biography
A — Audio
V — Video

Checking Out Books

To check out one or more books:

  • Choose each book you want.
  • Look inside the front cover for the checkout card.
  • Write your name, date, and phone number on the card.
  • Leave the card in the box by the door.

You may check out books for as long as you like, although we ask that you renew them after a month. Reference books are also available for use in the library (not for checkout).

Happy reading!