Book Pantry

SAPC Library is again giving away donated books to clients of our SAPC Food Pantry. At the last “Book Pantry”, 90 books were given away to 25 clients. Book donations are needed, especially cookbooks, kid’s books, landscaping/gardening books, and books in Spanish. Please leave any Book Pantry donations in the Library, behind the door in the designated area. Thank you!

Checking Out Books

To check out one or more books:

  • Choose each book you want.
  • Look inside the front cover for the checkout card.
  • Write your name, date, and phone number on the card.
  • Leave the card in the box by the door.

You may check out books for as long as you like, although we ask that you renew them after a month. Reference books are also available for use in the library (not for checkout).

Happy reading!