iStock_000004203538_SmallSt. Andrew’s Choir Rehearsal is every Wednesday at 7:30 -8:45 PM.

All voices are welcomed.

The choir sings during the 10:45 AM Sunday service.


Calling ALL Artists . . .

Our Director of Music, TOM MITCHELL, wants your assistance in identifying all of the artists in the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian community of faith – members, visitors, family, and friends.  Those who sing – those who dance – those who sculpt – those who play instruments – those who paint – those who weave – those who tell stories – and many many other forms of artistic expression.  Planning for the coming months and year is beginning and the goal is to utilize the artistic gifts of as many people as possible during our worship services and special events and activities.

Please send an email message to Tom and make him aware of your artistic gifts and your willingness to participate in the life of our community of faith as – together – we seek to transform our lives with love.

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