Soul Collage ClassesSoulCollage

February 7 from 1pm to 4pm in the St. Andrew’s library & $10 fee payable to instructor

Discover Your Wisdom, Change Your World” – Seena Frost, creator/founder of SoulCollage®  Enter a spiritual journey of play and wonder to awaken the often fragmented pieces of your soul. Choosing patterns and images, a process of creating a personal, collaged deck of cards will reveal your multi-dimensional life story to explore your inner self. Learn the basics of SoulCollage® and be immersed in images and reflection. Using scissors, glue sticks and images, this is a time of play, meditation, creativity and self-discovery. No artistic skills required. Supplies will be provided.

Round Table Dinners

February 21st at various locations

Please sign up on the “sign up” table in the foyer to be a guest or if you are willing to host/hostess which we always need.   It is a fun, informal and purely social way to get to know other St. Andrew’s members and visitors.  For more information contact:  Gaye Kopas at

Young Adults Round Table Dinner


February 21st from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in teh St. Andrew’s foyer

There will be a Round Table Dinner for young adults at St. Andrew’s (February 21 from 5:30pm-7:30pm).  The main dish will be provided and we ask that you bring a side dish or dessert.  Please RSVP to Crystal McCormick at  FREE child care will be available but you MUST include the number of children and ages in the RSVP.


Reading and signing of GRANDFATHER GANDHI with Arun Gandhi and Bethany Hegedus

Sunday, April 19, 12:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary

Arun Gandhi has many stories to tell of his grandfather, the Mahatma, and how his lessons set Arun on a path of teaching total non-violence. One of those stories, told in 2001 at the church Unity of New York, set Bethany Hegedus on her own path. Saying “yes” when inspiration/Spirit spoke, Hegedus worked with Gandhi to craft a beautiful picture book that would speak to readers of all ages.   “Never burdened by its message, this exceptional title works on multiple levels; it is both a striking introduction to a singular icon and a compelling story about the universal experience of a child seeking approval from a revered adult.”  —Kirkus Review, Starred Review.

Bethany Hegedus is an author and the director of The Writing Barn here in Austin. Arun Gandhi is a writer and speaker who has traveled the world spreading the message of non-violence.
More information about the book can be found online:

Contact Heather McLeod with questions:

Screening and panel discussion of the film THE MASK YOU LIVE IN

When: Sunday, April 26, 2015  at 4:00 p.m.

In 2011, Jennifer Siebel Newsom debuted her first film, MISS REPRESENTATION, which delved into the dangerous ways mass media reflects and enforces our culture’s belief that the value of women and girls lies in their youth, beauty, and sexuality. In a similar approach, Siebel Newsom’s newest film, THE MASK YOU LIVE IN, takes a look at modern masculinity. What are the messages our boys and men receive from popular culture, sports, and the media? What happens to kids when the traits we’ve feminized are devalued over and over again? In this film, men from various backgrounds share the impact of their upbringing, relationships with their fathers, their struggles, and the deliberate choices they’ve made in raising their own children. Experts in the field, including authors, doctors, and educators, provide research as well as observations on the challenges men and boys face in our society’s unrealistic expectations of hyper-masculinity. Being expected to “man up” from a very young age exacts a heavy price on boys–and thus on girls as well, given that we live in a patriarchal culture. This project reveals how our current course of male identity needs to be altered.  Trailer: