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Dr Sharon Hausman-Cohen

Preserving Mood, Memory and Cognition

Click here to download the notes from Dr. Hausman-Cohen’s previous presentation, “Preserving Mood, Memory and Cognition”

Cornucopia Health Workshops

In May, Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen and staff will be offering eight hours of education and demonstration related to nutrition at St. Andrew’s.  These classes give knowledge and skills to improve cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac risk, weight loss, etc.  This is accomplished by shifting about 80-90% of food to nutrient dense plant based food and making animal products the minority of what is eaten.  This program gets amazing results.  Find out more at

Classes take place on May 8th, 15th, 22nd and June 5th from 7-9PM at St. Andrew’s.

Dr. Hausman-Cohen’s website

Registration is closed, classes are full.