Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker:

Dr Sharon Hausman-Cohen

Decreasing Cancer Risk & Relapse

Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 12:30PM in the Sanctuary

Dr. Lara Hochman and Laurelin Mullins, FNP-c will speak on “Decreasing Cancer Risk and Recurrence.”  Many of you attended the talks by Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen last year and came away with insightful, enlightening information to help guide your daily health.

This lecture in June is designed to bring you up-to-date on the latest information on cancer.  The U. S. has the 7th highest incidence for cancer in the world.   Many cancers have decreased due to improvements and changes in treatments and surgery.  Cancer is still the 2nd leading cause of death in this country.  This lecture will focus on how to lower your cancer risk in your daily life.

Dr. Hochman and Ms. Mullins will stress, diet, weight loss, exercise, Vitamin D levels and the reduction of dairy from your diet.

Following the lecture there will be a time for questions and answers.  A light sandwich lunch will be provided by Pastoral Care in the kitchen for anyone staying for the lecture.

Please join us after worship on June 22nd.

Preserving Mood, Memory and Cognition

Click here to download the notes from Dr. Hausman-Cohen’s previous presentation, “Preserving Mood, Memory and Cognition”

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