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OpenEarsLogoLive music performances that explore the intersection of Art, Spirituality, and Activism, since 2005.

  • We present diverse genres and styles of music in an alcohol free, family friendly, listening room environment.
  • Open Ears Concerts has presented over 60 shows and over 150 artists, including recipients of Grammy, Country Music Association, Americana Music Association, Juno (Canada), Meteor (Ireland), and ARIA (Australia) music awards, as well as a finalist on NBC’s The Voice and an Austin Film Festival Audience Award winner. Previous performers are listed on our Alumni page.
  • Upcoming dates:

Sunday May 22, 2016:  Oliver Rajamani

Oliver_RajamaniCritics distinguish Rajamani for having redefined Romani music-more commonly known as Gypsy music-by taking it back to its ancient roots in India as well as blending Indian folk and Romani music with Texas traditions. Rajamani has created his own unique style of music which he labels “Flamenco India.”

An Austin World Music award winner, a nominee of the 2008 US Artist Award and the 2014 nominee of the prestigious German world music award in the European Charts, Rajamani has toured internationally and has recorded and performed with artists wide-ranging in style including Gypsy Kings, Willie Nelson, Edie Brickell, L. Shanker, Eric Johnson, Paravai Munniamma, Dotschy Reinhardt from the Django Reinhardt family amongst many other international artists. He has been a featured artist on the NPR BBC radio amongst numerous other radio, TV stations and magazines.

Rajamani’s unique musical sound and original compositions are drawn from the historic ‘Romani trail’ and the lonestar state of Texas. From India’s melismatic folk and spiritual chants, strings and drumming, the raw Arabic tones of the oud, the spirited torch of traditional Gypsy flamenco, to the lonestar country and blues of Texas, Rajamani masterfully creates with no trace of borders yet paying homage to tradition. Rajamani sings in exotic tongues from India as well as English and Spanish. His music is a sound that is at once foreign and familiar. Drawing upon ancient Eastern traditions, his music resonates in a deep place within its listeners, while remaining accessible and satisfying to the foreigner’s ear.

Oliver will perform special music during the 10:45 AM church service, and then will do a full show following a potluck lunch. Show will start at 1:30 PM. $15 suggested donation, but no one will be turned away.

Sunday August 7, 2016:  St. Andrew’s Variety Show

Sunday September 18, 2016:  Steve Brooks


Steve Brooks is a writer and performer whose creativity points in many directions. His songs have been recorded by more than a dozen folk and Americana artists, like Slaid Cleaves, Russell Crowe and Albert & Gage. In an earlier incarnation on radio, he was a humorist who wrote a song-a-week for Jim Hightower’s nationally-syndicated talk show. When he’s not onstage, you can find him in a pulpit, speaking on topics like “Songwriting As a Spiritual Path.” Or in a library, introducing kids to classic American folk songs. Or flexing his wits as six-time World Pun Champion. If that’s not enough, he’s been an award-winning journalist for over 25 years.

Steve’s new CD “I’ll Take you Home” is some of his finest work yet and the collection hits on all of Steve’s strong points.  There is the title track’s touching story of a couple’s long-term love and devotion to each other, which changes forms but never fades. “King of My World” captures the conflicted angst of much of the American middle class – struggling to keep up in the rat race while wondering whether this is the race we really want to be running. “Yoga Lady” puts a humorous and pun-filled spin on an opposites-attract love story that could only happen in Austin. Steve describes a hopeful and progressive spirituality in “Live With the Questions:”  “I have no secrets to reveal. I don’t pretend to know the answers. Only the questions keep it real. And if to live with the questions is the best I can ever do, maybe, upon some day of reckoning, I’ll find I can live the answers, too.”

Steve will join us for special music in the 10:45 AM service, and then will perform a full concert after a potluck lunch. $15 suggested donation but no one will be turned away.

Sunday October 23, 2016:  Marilyn Rucker CD Release Party

Thursday November 10, 2016:  Kerrville New Folk Winners

Sunday December 4, 2016:  Eliza Gilkyson