Ministries & Groups

Team WorkSt. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is home to and supportive of a variety of ministries and programs that are intended to improve our world and lives.  The scope of our interests is best reflected by these pages.

Our Garden Project is a ‘home grown’ effort to provide fresh, nutritious, organic food to our Food Pantry ministry.  Tended and harvested by our members, the on-site garden also provides a “carbon sink,” removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the earth and items we grow. We model “growing local,” to avoid the need to use transportation fuel.  The garden allows members to give back to the community through service and experience a return to our agrarian roots.  We also provide compost opportunities, through which you may dispose of “green” materials (anything that grows – no meat or dairy products) or “brown” materials (paper and leaves).

The Food Pantry provides supplemental food to our neighbors in need.  For those who struggle with providing daily sustenance for themselves and their families, St. Andrew’s serves as a temporary bridge.  The Food Pantry, staffed by volunteers, is open two Saturdays each month, from 10 AM to 12 PM.

Earth Care celebrates and tries to protect our home – planet Earth.  We provide ‘down-to-earth’ ideas about what you can do as an individual, as a family or as a community to help preserve, protect, restore and honor the only home we’ll ever have.

Our Shawl Ministries provide a gift of love to those who are ill, suffering a loss or crisis.  A ‘hands on’ approach to ministry, we offer an opportunity to help those who are most in need through a minimal investment of time.

St. Andrew’s Social Justice Ministry is devoted to current issues confronting our world, society and community.  Through our members and our partnerships we attempt to create the world we want to live in.  Through promoting peace, opposing oppression and working for the rights of all, St. Andrew’s brings a personal and communal approach to dealing with our most pressing challenges.

Community Partners in Change highlights the organizations we support with our time, efforts and money.  We encourage you and our congregation to help support these worthwhile causes.