Garden Project

Garden News!

The recent rains and humid weather have helped grow some truly impressive produce in our garden here at St. Andrew’s! Check out the most recent harvest of monster-sized zucchini, cucumbers, and other fresh veggies! These will be available to our Food Pantry clients next week.

garden 3



garden 4











garden 2aWe want to extend a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Bruce Jones for his help in making a permanent walkway down to the St. Andrew’s Garden! Because of his herculean effort, we can now walk from the sidewalk to the garden without worrying about walking through grass, stickers, or bugs! Thanks again, Bruce!










CompostRetrievalDo you know how many gallons are in half a cubic yard? For heaven’s sake, why? The Sustainable Food Center allows each garden group that is a member to pick up that amount of compost. But, you have to shovel it into buckets, bushels, bags, whatever will hold it, to haul it off.

Ann Glenn, Carol and Doug Harris, Bruce Jones, Beverlee Nix, Yvette Shelton, and Tina Tarbox went in four vehicles to SFC’s Resource Giveaway on Friday, March 4th. A cubic yard is about 202 gallons. So our ½ cubic yard translates into 20 five gallon buckets. Surprisingly, the group filled their quota in about an hour. Beverlee’s truck held all the containers, which was easier than trying to stuff them into the trunks of cars.

Much of the compost got spread in the garden when the group returned. Yvette took the last of it home to protect it from the coming rain. It will be used later in the year.

Food pantry clients love the fresh vegetables provided by the St. Andrew’s garden.

Since this is a twice yearly event by the Sustainable Food Center, the garden volunteers could use a few more 5 gallon buckets. Then they wouldn’t have to empty the contents of a bucket into a plastic bag in order to re-use the bucket. If you have one to donate, you may leave it by the garden. The garden group will know what to do with it.