Social Justice

Social Justice for Immigrants

Almost 50,000 children are currently being held in disease-ridden, filthy facilities as prisoners.  They are fleeing unbearable violence from drug cartels in their home countries.  They do not need to be sent back to this violence, nor do they need to be treated as criminals.  They are refugees.  Sending them back to these countries should not be an option. Continuing to imprison them is a tragedy and a stain upon American integrity and honor.  If you would like to sign a petition to ask our representative to stop this action click HERE!

Is Travis County Really ‘Immigrant-Friendly”?

You can notify Sheriff Greg Hamilton that you do not want our elected officials to support the dubious practice of ‘detaining’ immigrants based on requests from ICE.

1.  Select “Sample Letter 1” and “Sample Letter 2”. Sample Letter #1 is better if you’re not a resident of Travis County.  (Sample letters below)

2.  Choose a letter with which you’re more comfortable, insert current date, and type your name on the bottom so that your signature will fit above.

3.  Save your letter on your computer as a “word.doc”.

4.  Print out the letter. Sign your signature.

5.  Mail your letter to:

Sheriff Greg Hamilton
5555 Airport Blvd.
Austin, TX 78751

6.  If possible, send a short email to all of the Travis County Commissioners, attaching the “word.doc”, stating that you don’t agree with ICE “detainers”, and have mailed the attached letter to Sheriff Hamilton. Email addresses of the Commissioners are listed below.

You certainly may change or hand-write the letter to suit your comfort. The important thing is that we send Sheriff Hamilton as many letters as possible. We hope to exert “pressure” on Sheriff Hamilton to stop cooperating with ICE “detainers”. Many other groups have also sent many letters. These include Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition, Texas Civil Rights Project, Grassroots Leadership, Texas Civic Engagement Table, University Leadership Initiative, and many local religious organizations.

Also you might be interested in signing an online petition from Grassroots Leadership.  They will be delivering this petition to City Council and County Commission in the coming weeks -

Any questions or concerns, email Ed Kopas -

More Facts: ACLU link / NYTimes Article 2014

Sample Letter 1
Sample Letter 2

Email Addresses—Travis County Commissioners,,,,

Overture Non-sexist Language

Allowing congregations to use non-sexist language in any or all aspects of the church’s life

Download the Overture Non-sexist Language
Download our policy on Inclusive Language
Listen to Jim Rigby’s sermon “Moving Beyond Sexism”

A Few of Our Past Events
to Promote Social Justice:

AssaHuman Rightsult on Human Rights Conference – February 15 & 16, 2013

Watch presentations by the following speakers:

“The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement” presented by Jim Taylor  (retired Rhetoric Professor – Auburn University)

“Immigration Rights & Mass Incarcerations” presented by Bob Libal

“Human Rights Through an Indigenous Lens” presented by June Lorenzo  (Attorney)

“Workers Rights” presented by Greg Casar  (Workers Defense Project)

“Marriage Equality – No Second Class Relationships” presented by  Rev. Janie Spahr & Rev. Ray Bagnuolo (That All May Freely Serve)

“Gender-based Discrimination” presented by Susan Hays (Attorney)

“Why Grassroots Political Organizing & Activism Matters”  presented by Robert Jensen (Professor – University of Texas)

Social Justice Speakers:

Speech by James Galbraith

Speaker – James Galbraith 2011-04-03 from St. Andrew’s Church on Vimeo.


Robert McChesney, professor, speech communication.


Speech by Robert McChesney

Speaker – Robert McChesney 2011-02-06 from St. Andrew’s Church on Vimeo.



Work for Social Justice at Home:
Buy Fair Trade Goods

When you buy FaFair Tradeir Trade goods, you help farmers and other local producers earn a fairer share of income. In the kitchen at St. Andrew’s, we serve only Fair Trade coffee from Texas Coffee Traders.  But check many local suppliers to see their wide selection of gourmet coffees that are Fair Trade Certified.

Equal Exchange is one of these companies that works with small farmer cooperatives in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. In addition to offering their partners a fairer price, Equal Exchange helps them get credit, offers them technical support, and provides a trading partner they can trust.Fair Trade Certified

Equal Exchange offers many Fair Trade items— check out their selection of teas, chocolates, cocoa, clothing, and other goods.  All goods offered by Equal Exchange are traded fairly.

Social Justice in Action

With the Texas State Legislature in session, there’s a lot going on at the Capitol regarding Social Justice.  Here are some local websites that provide action information and upcoming events:

GLBT Rights:

Workers’ Rights/Immigration Policy:

Election Campaign Finance Reform:

Prison Reform & Capital Punishment Reform:

Healthcare Access/Medicaid Expansion:

Domestic Violence: