Stewardship 2017

stewardship-logoLiving the Vision

Rediscover what it means to walk in community at St. Andrew’s and live out the vision of celebrating and living Christ’s universal love in the modern world.  During each worship service from now until the middle of November, we will celebrate Living the Vision, our 2017 Stewardship Campaign.  This is a special call to everyone in the St. Andrews community, members and non-members alike, to learn more about our shared vision for the future and the actions that vision may require.

Stewardship is an Invitation:

We will have four ways you can reflect on the vision of St. Andrew’s:

  • Visit the Stewardship Table each Sunday
  • Visit the Walk the Vision art displays
  • Listen to the speakers each Sunday during services
  • Turn in your pledge cards

Stewardship Goals:

For 2017, we are challenging the St. Andrews community to act boldly toward these two goals so that we can truly live our vision:

Goal 1: Increase pledged giving by 25%, this would mean pledges totaling $375,000 by January 1, 2017.

Goal 2: 50% of pledge cards returned will have an engagement/participation commitment by January 1, 2017.


Living the Vision’ – each Sunday from October 23 through November 13.  Join us at either service as we renew our commitments to a shared vision of living Christ’s universal love.



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