Dates & Deadlines

  • The Session meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 7pm-9pm. There is no Session meeting in July and the November & December meetings may be moved due to Thanksgiving & Christmas.
  • At the December Session meeting the next year’s budget will be presented for the Session for review and approve.
  • The deadline for bulletin & eNews submissions is Wednesdays at 12pm.
  • Submissions for Facebook posts can be sent at any time.  Posts will be added within 24 hours of submission.
  • A copy of your committee’s minutes & Report to Session should be sent to Rachael Davis.
  • A copy of your committee’s Report to Session should be sent to Clerk of Session.

Current Session Members

George Brown                                        (Class of 2018)
Dan Christensen                                    (Class of 2017)
Laura Cruzada                                       (Class of 2018)
Ed Emmer                                              (Class of 2019)
Ada Forbes (Youth Elder)                    (Class of 2017)
Ann Glenn                                               (Class of 2019)
Carla Harringer                                     (Class of 2019)
Krista Keosheyan                                   (Class of 2019)
Bruce Kentros                                         (Class of 2018)
Steve Landsman                                     (Class of 2017)
Andy Mauney                                         (Class of 2017)
Karalei Nunn                                          (Class of 2018)
Allison Thompson                                 (Class of 2017)


Stephanie Buchanan                                Treasurer

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AGAPE Teams & Session Information & Forms

Click HERE to see the committees/groups and who leads each one.

Organizational Chart (June 2014)

AGAPE Ministry Teams (Aug 2014)

AGAPE Teams Committee Tasks (Aug 2014)

AGAPE Team Structure (Oct 2011)

Session Calendar

Template for Committee Minutes

Template for Committee Report

Nominating Committee Manual (February 2014)


Book of Order 2013-2015

Book-of-Order 2015-2017

St. Andrew’s Bylaws

Operational Policies & Procedures

Gift Policy (May 2016)

Building Use Policy & Application (October 2016)

Sanctuary Policy Procedures (May 2016)

Sexual Misconduct Policy (March 2012)

Personnel Policy (March 2016)

Inclusive Language Policy (2016)

Finance Policy (2015)

Building Access Policy (June 2012)

Community Outreach Policy (Oct 2013)

Supervision of Children & Youth Policy (Jan 2013)

Mileage Reimbursement Policy (May 2016)

Open Ears Concerts Procedures

Funerals at St. Andrew’s

General Office Forms

Background Check Authorization Form-2015

Checklist for Special Events

Independent Contractor Agreement

W9 (2016)

Special Event Money Count Form

Special Event Attendance Form

Childcare Request Form (2016)

Payment Request Form

Receipted Merchandise Form

Building Use Deposit Waiver

Event Insurance Companies (2014)

Photo Release Form (2014)

Lock-up Checklist (Sept 2012)

Community Outreach Ministry Volunteer Agreement (Oct 2013)

What We Believe

Inclusive Language

The Church the World Needs

The Symbols of Jesus & Christ

Prayer is Any Way We Attune Ourselves

Cultivating the Spiritual Life of A Child in a Christian Tradition – A New Vision

Theology for Children in Worship


Benevolent giving is the way in which St. Andrew’s gives support to a variety of mission work & social justice organizations outside our own congregation.   The Ambassador teams  (Social Justice, Earth Care & Mission) make their recommendations to Session as to the organizations to receive funding for that funding cycle.    The final donation amounts & choice of organizations is agreed by Session for a 2-year giving cycle.

2016/2017 Benevolences

  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Texas Interfaith Power & Light; Interfaith Environmental Network
  • Presbyterians for Earth Care
  • Environmental Defence Fund
  • Interfaith Power & Light
  • Natural Resources Defence Council
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Climate Reality Project
  • Faith & Energy Action Team
  • The Care Communities
  • Manos de Cristo
  • Mission Presbytery; CESSMAQ
  • North Rural Community Center
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network; Foundation for the Homeless
  • More Light
  • iACT
  • Workers Defense Project
  • Safeplace
  • That All May Freely Serve
  • Out Youth Austin
  • Texas Impact
  • RAICES (Refugee & Immigration Center for Education
  • Grassroots Leadership


The Center for Progressive Christianity

More Light Churches Network


The Presbyterian Church

The Story of St Andrew’s