What can I do? How can I help? What are my gifts? How can I increase the share of love in this world?

These are questions we encourage you to ask yourself during the 2016 stewardship campaign.  The stewardship theme for the year is Dare to Dream.

In gratitude for this community and to God for our many blessings, we are called to share our gifts with this church and the world.  St. Andrew’s is an exciting, uplifting, refreshing place to be. We are a community that teaches a religion of love, acceptance, unity, and truth.

What a gift! How has this place touched you? How are you called to serve this unique church that brings a word of healing to the world? This is the Love we tell. Sharing gifts. Sharing ourselves. Sharing the love within us.  Share in the mission of St. Andrew’s by giving what you can.  No donation is too small.

We rely on your donations to continue to keep our ministries going and assist the community.