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The work at St. Andrew’s is divided into teams based on the Greek word for the highest form of love, AGAPE. Each letter can remind us of one aspect of this spiritual love.

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A- Artist -Individually, we each need to find the source of our own creativity whether it is singing, cooking or just appreciating the beauty in nature.  When we come together, we can meet this need through worship, our music program, spiritual development, resting and playing.

Artist Committees
Special Arts & Events Committee
Worship Arts Committee
– Transcription Team
– Audio/Video Team

G- Guardian – Each of us must learn how to care for the roots of our community.  At the community level, we focus on leadership development, taking care of our building and grounds, sharing our resources and using them wisely to benefit St. Andrew’s and the wider world in which we live.

Guardian Committees
Administrative/Personnel Committee
Building & Grounds Committee
Finance Committee
Stewardship Committee

AAmbassador – Each of us has a responsibility to take the message of love out into the world in our own way.  Living out that mission and promoting social justice fall under this category.

Ambassador Committees
Earth Care Committee
Mission Committee
– Garden Group
– COME/Food Pantry
– COME/Thursday Night Showers
– Cold Weather Shelter
Social Justice Committee
Technology Committee

P – Pastor  – With God’s grace and love to guide us, we are called to care for one another.  This includes the extending of hospitality to visitors, the welcoming of new comers into our church community and the nurturing of all members, giving special support to those who are ill or who have other physical, emotional or spiritual needs.

Pastor Committees
Community Building Committee
Pastoral Care Ministry
Hospitality Committee

E – Educator – We invite our members to establish a lifelong habit of learning and sharing that learning with others, particularly our children and youth. St. Andrew’s programs are offered to reinforce and promote this emphasis, which we believe is essential to a healthy spiritual and intellectual environment.

Educator Committees
Youth Education Committee
Children’s Education Committee
Adult Education Committee
-Library Committee

We strive to make St. Andrew’s a place where we:

  • Learn to love each other.
  • Learn to love those outside of our community.
  • Learn to apply universal love to particular situations in our own lives.

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